Allergan, a cosmetic medical brand wanted to increase brand awareness & product exposure through 3 markets in the region – Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Apart from just growing its social presence, the brand also aimed at bringing in more sales leads to all countries.

However, with such service offerings came advertising regulations which the brand had to adhere to, preventing branded direct-to-consumer communications.


The campaigns ran across all levels of the marketing funnel, driving brand awareness while pushing for conversions. Comprehensive testing was also conducted where different methods of copywriting were implemented to the content. This is to discover the best way to deliver the message while still complying with advertising regulations. These tests also provided insights to what type of messaging would appeal best to the intended audience. 

To widen the brand’s social share-of-voice, an educational method of promoting the brand through sharing information about existing perceptions or misconceptions related to their service and products was implemented. Not only does this product knowledge help strengthen brand awareness, it also helps build credibility and trust among the audience; creating a strong foundation to push customers further down the funnel, towards conversions.



Creatively-Regulated Content

Content in this industry is heavily regulated by Facebook moderators, so the approach was to focus on showcasing the benefits of the product. As the ads were not allowed to be too personal to the users, the posts focused on attractive design and empathising copy instead.


The focus was on pushing a positive lifestyle instead, and introducing Allergan’s products as part of that. Discussions about the treatments avaialble were started through the social platform, and statistics were used to fight common misconceptions about the product.


    3 Q&A contests were ran on the Facebook page

    to educate users on the treatments & services provided.

    growth in Page Fans
    increase in Engaged Users
    growth in website traffic.