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DHL’s Logistics of Things is a content portal about the latest news in the logistics industry. This web revamp aimed to improve the overall online user experience, encouraging higher readership of the site.


A streamlined and user-friendly website was created to house brand stories so that users can comfortably navigate through content without distractions. The site also featured a glossary which explains different industry terms that users might need further clarification on while reading through the articles.

To help DHL achieve their objective to present itself as a thought leader, the stories were amplified across various marketing platforms so that readers can better understand the role DHL plays in the logistics industry.

The target audience for each campaign was also carefully chosen to ensure that they were highly relevant to the amplified story.



Building a content portal

 The focus was on keeping things simple, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate across all devices. To increase accessibility and ease site navigation, each article had a text-to-speech function and links to other related content on the site.

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