No Signboard Holdings


No Signboard Holdings is a homegrown brand built from a famous local and international restaurant chain. Although already an established brand that is not new to the local F&B scene, the company wanted to further improve their reach by growing their social media presence. This is particularly for the No Signboard Restaurant and Little Sheep Hot Pot brands.


Singapore’s F&B scene is highly competitive, and yet, many restaurants post very similar types of content on Facebook. In order to deviate and create a memorable identity that customers would find unique, fresh new concepts were proposed for their channels to stand out from the crowd.

Both brands made use of their products to generate the content for their pages. For No Signboard Restaurant, the content focused on building brand awareness and rapport through their well-loved Chilli Crab. For Little Sheep Hotpot, they adopted a more tactical approach where the content featured more in-store promotions and information. 

With both brands, the tone was kept light and casual, with occasional contest and quizzes conducted through the social media feed to create buzz and engagement



Creating original content that stands out

Our focus was on making the content fun while communicating our message. We shot a series of videos featuring Little Sheep Hot Pot mascot in comical situations that were shared across social media generating hype for the brand and its new launches.


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